Last Sunday, April 17, Daniel Tosh debuted his new stand up comedy special, "People Pleaser," on Comedy Central. Tosh is perhaps best know for his "Tosh.0" show on the network which has run now for 8 seasons since first airing in 2009. Yesterday, April 19, just two days after the special aired, the show was made available to purchase on home video. Never a public figure or comedian to shy away from any topic, no matter how toxic or controversial, Tosh let loose on "People Pleaser" and his foul-mouthed and obscenity-laden routine was often so outrageous that a majority of his jokes are unfit to print or quote in this recap of the event.

Tosh talks frankly about race

Right out of the gate Tosh said that only black people should be allowed to be cops and that firefighters should be white, because they're outdoorsy. He then joked about the softball game that would occur between the two and said it would be so tense it would need a mercy rule. Daniel joked about the friends and family that appear on TV after a tragedy, who always seem to claim that the person who committed the crime never seemed like a criminal. Tosh says that he'd be more honest, even if his mother blew up a nursery. He said that he'd claim his mother was never happy to see him as a kid and that she probably hates children. Later, Tosh says that while slavery is awful, it's kind of neat that whites pulled it off.

Daniel finds humor while discussing dying children

Tosh, who volunteers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, talked about the time he's spent with dying children, who he says have the best sense of humor on the planet. They are better at taking jokes than their parents, he claims. One child told Daniel that he was his third choice, and the comedian couldn't tell if they were being serious or just pulling his leg.

He said it's a wonderful experience for him, but not the kids who are dying. Tosh said that he hates anyone to their core if they think there's no subject that can't somehow be turned into a joke.

Tosh jokes about rape

Daniel stated that he makes his living saying shocking things and with that comes some consequences, which he accepts.

He says that people write to him and tell him that they hope his daughter gets raped one day. His reply to them is that she would first have to survive the abortion. Tosh said it's a joke and it's his choice to have it. He then made a joke about Dyson vacuum cleaners and says he gets paid to plug their product on stage and says he's all for moving some units. He assures the audience at this point the show isn't getting any softer and moves into a skit about child molestation and a fictitious scenario where parents would pay $500 for a holographic Michael Jackson to molest their kids.

Tosh talks about death threats and his career end

Daniel tells the audience he has written a career suicide note and shares it with them.

He begins by saying, "Dear Jews," and claims that's all he has so far. He goes on to claim he doesn't need fans after the shows, mostly because he has a large social media presence to pat him on the back about things that don't matter. Tosh claims on a regular week he gets about 1,200 death threats, which makes it fun to stand on stage as an easy target. He then apologizes about the price of tickets to get into his comedy shows, but he simply can't risk performing for the kind of people that can afford $10, because he says those are the sort of monsters who may wish to murder him.