2 people were reportedly killed while a former America’s next Top Model finalist was injured in a shootout incident on Sunday evening in an apartment block in Houston. According to TMZ, the finalist was injured together with 3 others and she is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The former reality show contestant has been identified as 32-year-old model Brandy Rusher who is of African-American descent. She was a finalist on season 4 of the reality show.

Argument turned sour

Eye witnesses say that the incident happened after the occupants of the apartment -- which included the former model -- got into an argument with one of the residents of the Harverstock hill apartments at 6.30 in the evening.

The occupants were arguing with 3 men who had arrived earlier in a white car when one of them went and got an automatic gun from the trunk of the vehicle and started shooting before fleeing the scene of the crime.

Apartment block not new to violence

Police and community leaders in the area say that the occupants of the apartment block are not new to violent incidents. However, several residents have blamed law enforcement officers for not being as active in the area, which has led to a rise in violent incidents in the area.

Victims are family members

Witnesses say two victims of the incident are family members. It has also been reported that one person died on the spot while the other died on arrival at a medical facility in Houston.

Medical officials have also said that those injured in the incident were in a critical but stable condition.

'America's Next Top Model' had been living a normal life following the reality show

Even though issues with her attitude got her in trouble on "America's Next Top Model," she has rarely been heard from since leaving the popular show, However, in 2010 she found herself on the wrong side of the law after her neighbors reported her for playing loud music. Police who responded to the call and were on the scene reported that Brandy tried evading arrest.