Bryan Cranston has officially made the leap to the big screen, and it looks like he won't be turning back anytime soon. The star of shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Malcolm in the Middle” has convincingly graduated to feature films over the years and he has had a tremendous run so far. Cranston will look to maintain his successful streak in Hollywood when IFC’s “Wakefield” releases in May.

A soul in crisis

Wakefield” is an adaptation of a short story by E.L Doctorow, and is being directed by Robin Swicord. It will tell the story of an ordinary suburban citizen named Howard Wakefield (played by Bryan Cranston).

Wakefield is overwhelmed by his personal and professional life, and decides to take a break from society in general by secretly living in the attic of his own home. After disappearing from the eyes of family and friends, he decides to observe those closest to his heart, which is when he makes some startling deductions about his family, and even his own state of mind.

The film will also start Jason O'Mara and Beverly D'Angelo. Some of its producers include Julie Lynn, Bonnie Curtis, Wendy Federman and Elliott Webb. IFC has made the jump into feature films over the recent years, and they have signed on some excellent projects so far. "Wakefield" might turn out to be their finest drama to-date.

What to expect

The premise of “Wakefield” is quite gripping and will play out more like a psychological thriller than a period drama. The director Robin Swicord received critical acclaim for his contribution as a screenwriter on David Fincher’s – “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Based on his previous project, it is easy to tell that Swicord enjoys examining the minds of fascinating individuals and exploring the role of society in their overall personality.

Bryan Cranston has become a bankable name in film and television, and he is sure to deliver a memorable performance here as well. The film was screened at the Toronto international film festival last fall, and has been given a theatrical release date of May 19, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates about “Wakefield” as they become available.