The divorce news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has pulled everyone to a state of shock, and in the midst of this issue, it has been learned that the "War Machine" star is still in touch with his ex-wife Jennifer Anniston. A source close to the actor confirmed this news, and revealed that both the actors have a friendly but limited relationship. The source added that the duo has been friends for a while and used to text quite often.

Five years of marriage which ended in 2005

Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt were once considered to be the most envied couples in Hollywood.

But later, tiffs started developing between the couple, and finally, they ended their relationship in 2005 marking an end to their five years of togetherness. Close sources to the star state that their recent communication is not something which is out of ordinary. As per reports, Anniston and Brad are just friends who keep in touch and didn’t have to jump through the hoops to obtain Anniston's number.

Jolie still maintain contact with Billy

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton are also maintaining a decent relationship. In a recent talk with Playboy, Thornton revealed that they are still good friends even though they do not talk on a regular basis. In the interview, Billy lauded Jolie saying that she is a fantastic person, and the "Original Sin" star has never abandoned him.

A few years ago, Thornton told that Jolie has so much energy in her, and she is the kind of person who always makes sure that Her ex-husband is doing okay.Last week, Angelina Jolie told BBC that she and Brad Pitt are still the part of a family, and will continue to remain so in the coming years as well. The actress told that this is the most difficult time in her life, but things will change soon, and her family will turn stronger in the future.

Brad Pitt is now awaiting the release of his new movie "War Machine" which will be released on May 26, 2017. The teaser of the movie was released yesterday, and it is now getting positive reviews.