It's not easy describing Fleetwood Mac without including a reference to the odd album or single title, but - and here forgive the obvious - if the 'Rumours' are correct, 2018 looks likely to be the Grand Finalé for the band. I know that in the past, a lot of frontline brands have announced "farewell tours" with reckless abandon, but this piece of news seems to hold a shade more credence than most. In a recent interview, Lindsey Buckingham expressed his surprise that they have lasted this long. He went on to say that they never actually shared a sense of belonging in the first place, despite the band racking up an impressive 50-year career.

Will 'The Chain' ever be broken?

Adding significant fuel to the discussion, Stevie Nicks maintained it seemed unlikely Fleetwood Mac would release another record, expressing almost a sense of complete disillusion with the music industry. Her bandmate, Christine McVie, however, appeared to be a little more optimistic. She emphasized that although their line-up has changed over the years, there has always been a bond which brought them back together. So the inevitable question remains: Will 'The Chain' ever be broken? It's one which seems difficult to answer, as both Lindsey and Christine - along with drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie - are set to release a collaborative album this summer, with the working title "Buckingham McVie."

Are Fleetwood Mac set to 'Go Their Way?'

So in the light of previous break-ups and reunions, clashes of personality and disagreements over musical directions, is next year likely to see the end of one of the world's longest surviving bands?

Mick Fleetwood's recent comments about a massive stockpile of recorded music, seem to indicate the opposite. But it is far from certain. And, as is always the case, in the all too fickle world of showbusiness, where you are star billing one minute and off the radar the next, I will leave you to draw your conclusions about whether Fleetwood Mac is set to 'Go Their Own Way' once and for all.