bobby brown is desperate to contact his beloved ex-wife the late whitney houston's spirit in hopes of getting answers to questions plaguing the mind of Bobby Brown concerning the deaths of his former wife and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Will Bobby Brown finally get the answers he needs from Whitney and Bobbi Kristina's spirits?

Bobby Brown recently contacted Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry hoping that Whitney and Bobbi Kristina will come through Henry to answer many questions about their tragic deaths and hopefully allow Bobby Brown to find the comfort he has been searching for since their deaths.

E! reality star psychic Tyler Henry popular with helping celebs contact deceased loved ones.

Tyler Henry has become huge in Hollywood working closely with big named celebrities seeking comfort by helping them to make contact with their dead loved ones. Celebs such as the Kardashians, Jenners, Snooki, Melissa Joan Hart, Tori Spelling and Matt Lauer to name a few have all reportedly had successful sessions with Henry.

During Brown's session, Tyler stated, "I'm seeing a mother connecting hands with a child," Henry told Bobby. Hysterically crying, Brown replied, "My ex-wife was Whitney Houston." Amazingly enough, according to reports from Radar Online Henry was able to successfully channel both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina revealing to Brown that Whitney and their daughter are together.

He also revealed that Whitney was there to meet Bobbi Kristina when she crossed over and that they will remain together forever.

According to Tyler Henry, Whitney and BK have been together not only in their most recent lives but in several past lives before and will continue their future life journeys together. Interesting...Those who find Tyler Henry intriguing, and are interested in what other messages Whitney may have had for Brown can catch the episode when "Hollywood Medium" returns for season three on E!

this May.

Tyler Henry claims he knew he possessed a special gift when he was around ten-years-old.He reveals it first began when he was awoken in the middle of the night knowing that his grandmother was about to pass unexpectedly. Ever since then, Tyler states he has been doing readings for people, dealing with skeptics and growing as a person and a psychic.

The series, whether you are a believer, or not does tend to be interesting and draws in huge amounts of viewers weekly. Do you believe Tyler Henry is the real deal or is this just another staged reality series only interested in views and money?