Just when you thought Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are done for good, they might not be. Then again, they might really be done, there's no telling. If you ask Blac Chyna though, there's always a chance that the incredibly toxic couple could get back together.

Season 2 of 'Rob & Chyna' might not be canceled

It turns out that Blac Chyna is trying to work out her rocky relationship with Rob Kardashian and get their love life back on track but not because she can't live without him. She's doing it because she can't live without the paychecks if we're being real.

It was reported by Radar Online recently that Chyna wants to repair the broken relationship in hopes of getting their reality show, "Rob & Chyna" back on track for Season 2. It was also recently revealed that the E! network hasn't completely dismantled the show so there is a great chance it might be back.

After Rob and Chyna split up the last time and it was supposed to be "for good," it was reported that Blac Chyna had a bit of a freakout. She realized that the Kardashian family is a jackpot when her bank account is concerned and walking away from her relationship with Rob is going to affect her bottom line.

Of course, there are also reports that Blac Chyna really wants to work things out with Rob Kardashian in order to keep her family together.

Certainly, that thought is on every mother's mind but it's clear that she really isn't that into Rob based on the way she treated him when she was pregnant with Dream Kardashian and even after.

Does Blac Chyna really love Rob or does she love that Kardashian money?

When Blac Chyna was giving her interview for the cover story in Cosmopolitan South Africa, she shocked "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans by announcing that she and Rob were "fighting for each other." At the point of the interview, it really looked like she was done dealing with Rob Kardashian and ready to live her life as a single mom of two.

It turns out, Chyna may have changed her mind recently and now she wants to fix the broken relationship. If not for her daughter, then at least so she can keep her income flowing at the rate she has recently become accustomed. It turns out that even being a fringe Kardashian has its perks and Blac Chyna just might not be able to give those perks up just yet.

Do you think Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are "fighting for each other" or is Chyna just fighting to keep her bank account in the positive? Sound off in the comments section below.