Jasmine Washington was making headlines months before the Season 6 premiere of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" because of her alleged affair and baby with Kirk Frost. Now "LHHATL" fans are shaking their heads after Jasmine reveals that not only did Kirk father her baby (allegedly) but that she is currently dating Rod Bullock and so is another woman named Keanna Arnold.

The 'LHHATL' love triangle explained

A couple of episodes back, Jasmine, Rod, and Keanna explained their unusual relationship. It turns out that Rod Bullock and Keanna Arnold were dating each other first.

Like most of the dirty dog men on "LHHATL," Rod was cheating on Keanna with Jasmine Washington and Keanna found out about it.

All hell broke loose and naturally, the women beefed with each other more than they did with the man who was sneaking around on both of them until they decided to call a truce. Now, all three of the new "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast members are living together in harmony, which is weird but not unheard of.

Kirk Frost accused of cheating with Jasmine and Keanna

What really has "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans scratching their heads is Keanna's recent confession that she also was sneaking around with Kirk Frost. He's already been accused of fathering Jasmine Washington's baby as well as putting her up in an apartment in the building he lives in and giving her a car to drive prior to their breakup.

Man, Rasheeda is going to freak out when she finds out there's another one.

During the most recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Keanna Arnold and Jasmine Washington briefly discuss their respective flings with Kirk Frost. Keanna laments that it was shocking to her to learn that, once again, she was sharing a man with Jasmine.

Maybe it's a good thing that they've come together to just share a man on purpose since it seems that both women tend to gravitate to the same type of guy.

In addition to the Rod Bullock "Sister Wives" relationship revelation, Mimi Faust has been talking about Rod, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. It turns out that Mimi thinks that Rod is a fraud and that Jasmine's claims that Kirk Frost fathered her baby might just be a setup. Now that Keanna Arnold is also claiming a relationship with Rasheeda's husband, it looks like she might be right.

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