Benedict Cumberbatch seems to have 48 hours in a day, considering the number of high-profile projects he is currently signed on for. The British actor also owns a production house, because of course he does, and he is looking to produce his own film soon based on an adaptation of the new Matt Haig novel.

Time stands still for Cumberbatch

How to stop time” will star Benedict Cumberbatch as Tom Hazard, a man who only appears to be 41-years-old, but has actually been roaming the planet for centuries thanks to a rare and rather blessed medical condition.

The film is set to be an epic love story that is supposed to span great lengths of time and a great number of countries around the world.

Team work in motion

The film is actually going to be quite a close-knit affair, considering the people and organizations responsible for bringing it to life. Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch will share production duties with Studiocanal, an organization that owns a share in SunnyMarch as well, and will fully fund the production and distribution of this project.

Studiocanal also shares a working relationship with the author of the book Matt Haig as well, as the actor and production house previously came together to work on 2014’s surprise hit "Paddington." Studiocanal (in conjunction with Blueprint Pictures) also purchased the rights to Haig’s other popular title “A Boy Called Christmas," and is currently working on a film adaptation of the book as well.

CEO of Studiocanal Danny Perkins had this to say about their upcoming projects: “We are delighted to be continuing our successful relationship with Matt Haig as well as build upon our long-running and dynamic partnership with SunnyMarch, Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland. This compelling novel will make for a powerful film that falls in line with Studiocanal’s ongoing commitment to British talent, storytelling and production.”

"How To Stop Time" is no doubt in excellent hands. We can expect to see the film sometime next year. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.