Talk about awkward! Fan favorite Bachelor contestant raven gates, who is currently one of the top two finalists on Nick Viall’s season of the popular ABC dating series was recently contacted by the K-Y company after she revealed that her last boyfriend failed to give her an orgasm. This has been a hot topic with Bachelor fans, so it is no surprise that the company decided to offer their help and expertise to Raven.

According to Us Weekly, the company, who is known for their lubricants and racy commercials, sent the Arkansas beauty a letter regarding her situation.

Help from the company

“Dear Raven,” the letter began. “We were bummed to hear you didn’t orgasm in your last relationship. It’s definitely not cool when he finishes before you have enough time to get there, so we are glad to see that your first time with Nick was a success.”

The handwritten letter went on to offer product suggestions--K-Y Duration (for her man to last longer in the bedroom) and K-Y Intense (for her and her partner to feel and experience new sensations) were their top choices for her and Nick--and wished her more loving this year. They also stated that they are sure that Nick "like 89% of men" wants to last longer in the bedroom, so "she can get there too."

What really happened?

While there are conflicting sources as to whether or not the couple actually did sleep together and if Raven did, have her much anticipated orgasm, neither Raven nor Nick commented on what happened in the Fantasy Suites that night.

As for Raven’s ex-boyfriend Hunter Henry, he denies the lack of orgasm story and made it clear he is unhappy about what she has been saying about their relationship, calling her allegations "skewed and untrue."

Season finale

Raven and fellow contestant Vanessa Grimaldi will compete for Nick's heart one last time next Monday. In the much-anticipated season finale, the two final ladies will meet Nick's family, go out on one last date with him and one will leave with a final rose and possibly a ring on her finger.

The season finale of The Bachelor airs Monday at 8pm ET, only on ABC.