Casey Affleck has won almost all the awards this season for his role in “Manchester by Sea,” but the biggest award came his way on Sunday when he won the Best Actor award at the Oscars. The movie “Manchester by Sea” has made more than $40 million dollars at the domestic box office and is still doing good business.

In the interview with Pete Hammond, Casey Affleck described what makes him tick as an actor. Affleck told Hammond that he was extremely happy to work with Kenneth Lonergan, the writer-director of “Manchester by Sea.” Kenneth Lonergan also won the Oscar for Best Screenplay for the movie.

The role came to him after the original actor moved out of the role at the last minute.

Feels his career is going in the right direction

Casey Affleck said that he was happy with his career and feels it is going in the right direction. The award-winning actor also talked about the comparison between him and his brother Ben Affleck who has won two Oscars, but none for acting.

According to the report published in “Entertainment Tonight,” Affleck said that he had seen how other people shaped their careers and it had been a learning experience for him. He added that he had been in the industry close to two decades and had seen many ups and downs. He added that he had seen many actors who enjoyed great success, some failures, some hard times and then again more success.

Not everyone is excited about Casey Affleck’s Oscar win

Affleck knows that not everyone was excited to see him win the Oscar at the 2017 Academy Awards. B.J. Novak tweeted during the award ceremony that the Best Actor award should be checked again as Affleck has been accused of sexual harassment.

On Tuesday, Affleck told the “Boston Globe” that mistreatment of any kind should not be accepted and everyone deserved to be treated with respect at their workplace and anywhere else.

In 2010, a lawsuit for sexual harassment was filed by two women who had worked with Affleck in the movie “I’m still there.” The legal suit was settled outside of court and throughout Affleck denied the charges.

In his Oscar acceptance speech, Affleck said that he was proud to be a part of the Oscar community and he was just dumbfounded for being included in this wonderful Oscar community. Casey Affleck thanked his parents for believing in him and thanked big brother, Ben Affleck, too.