"Young and Restless" spoilers tease that Adam Newman could be making a comeback in the next few months. The "Y&R" fans have asked the showrunners to bring Michael Muhney back, with no real answer from the network. Michael Muhney revealed in a recent interview that he might get the chance to return to the role of Adam and to make peace with his co-stars that seem to have something against him.

Michael shared his struggles on 'Young and Restless'

Muhney recalled his first years on the "Young and Restless" and called his behavior self-destructive. Michael noted that he hoped that he had a chance to redeem himself because, since his departure, he has learned a lot about himself and changed.

He revealed that it wasn't until he had been on the show for a whole year that he felt confident enough to purchase his first house. He recalled thinking that he would have a job for a long time. Muhney remembers the "Young and Restless" showrunners telling him that he was the next Victor Newman, making plans for the actor to be the patriarch of the series down the road.

Michael believes that his talent was a threat to Eric and he found a way to get him fired. He remembers feeling like the role may have been a trap for him as an actor and felt like he could do better than daytime.

He found that sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side, and to this day, wishes he would have picked his battles with Eric Braeden on the set.

Michael found out who lied about him

The actor said that after CBS had fired him for allegedly groping a co-star, he hired a private investigator to find out who started the horrible rumor.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the "Young and Restless" star found out that a woman in Florida started the rumor. He claims that he never met the woman and he blames her for damaging his reputation with his co-stars and fans.

Muhney says the cast wants him to return

Michael claims that many of his former "Young and Restless" co-stars want him to return and have encouraged him to meet with CBS to make it happen.

From the sound of the interview, Muhney may have inked a deal with the soap opera, or be close to it.

"Young and Restless" fans, would you like to see Michael Muhney return as Adam Newman?

"Young and Restless" airs weekdays on CBS.