Whitney Way Thore took three pregnancy tests and was just sure she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Lenny's baby. She was freaking out about the idea, but fans wondered if she was really pregnant or not. There was even a bit of confusion on if maybe Whitney had miscarried since it didn't seem like she was pregnant now. Tonight she went to the doctor on a new episode of "My big fat fabulous Life" and the test at the doctor came back positive too.

So is Whitney really going to have a baby?

The doctor showed her the uterus and there was nothing that looked like a baby on the ultrasound.

They explained that she simply had a false pregnancy test and that this was because of the disease she is dealing with every single day. It turns out that Whitney Way Thore isn't actually pregnant. This wasn't what everyone expected to hear from her tonight on the show.

At first, Whitney didn't want to be pregnant but then she found out tonight that she wasn't and this upset her a bit. It was really confusing for her because she didn't know how she wanted to feel. Whitney's doctor explained to her that if she works on her weight it will make it easier for her to get pregnant in the future and it will make the pregnancy go better for her.

When she left the doctor, Whitney called Buddy right away.

He told her that he was sure that she wasn't pregnant. He did know that it was really confusing for her, but tried to laugh it all off for her. Whitney did share that she won't be telling Buddy first if she does ever get pregnant again in the future. Then she had to go and tell everyone else, but Whitney had a lot going through her mind and had to figure it all out.

She still had to tell Lenny as well, but they aren't even dating anymore, so this will make it a bit easier on her possibly.

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