If Donald Trump's name is mentioned at the 2017 Super Bowl, there's money to be made. The 45th president of the United States is not only saturating the headlines today, but the odds makers in Las Vegas offer numerous bets that the name "Trump" will be uttered in a few different scenarios during Super Bowl 2017.

As the Democrats fight Trump tooth and nail around most every choice he makes, the odds makers are willing to wager money on some of that angst bleeding into the Super Bowl this Sunday. With Lady Gaga entertaining during halftime, there's odds on her making a political statement about Trump, according to USA Today.

Whether Lady Gaga does it vocally or visually, like writing something across her forehead, carrying a sign or just vocalizing her mindset on Trump as president, it will count for purposes of this bet.

Lady Gaga going political?

The odds of Lady Gaga making a Trump political statement are at 10/13. If the singer just mentions the name of Trump during her halftime performance the odds are at 9/5. Lady Gaga didn't keep her feelings about Donald Trump to herself during his campaign. With all the hoopla going on with celebrities today over Trump's new post as the leader of the free world, it looks like the odd makers predict the name "Trump" will show up somewhere during the 2017 Super Bowl. Apparently Lady Gaga looks like a good bet to be the messenger bringing Trump's name into the Super Bowl.

If Lady Gaga isn't someone you trust to carry out your bet, then the odds makers offer up over/under 1.5 odds that "President Donald Trump" will be mentioned sometime during the game by someone else on the air.

They also offer odds on "President Donald Trump" being mentioned within the live broadcast of the 2017 Super Bowl, reports CBS Sports. Just the three words "President Donald Trump" being said during the few hours that the Super Bowl is live on TV can win you some money if you were one of the folks to bet on this.

Do you wonder who Donald Trump picked to win Super Bowl 2017?

So do the odds makers and they even offer up a bet on who the 45th president of the United States is rooting for to take home the win for the big game on Sunday. The odds are 1/10 that he will pick the Patriots and 11/2 that he will pick the Falcons.

Not a new thing

These weird Donald Trump bets are called "prop bets" or "side bets" that take place for every Super Bowl when odds makers offer bets on a bunch of different things that have nothing to do with the game. There are odds on someone catching on fire during the halftime show and someone falling off the stage. Bets cover everything from the color of Bill Belichick's hoodie to the pattern on the tie that announcers Troy Aikman or Joe Buck wear.

One of the bets that have gathered a lot of attention this year is whether or not a fan will throw a deflated football on the field to poke Tom Brady with a stick over the "Deflategate" debacle. Odds makers are giving 5,000/1 that Bill Belichick will host "Saturday Night Live" in the weeks following the Super Bowl. That is one long shot for sure!