Senator Chuck Schumer choked back the tears, but ended up crying while delivering a speech on Donald Trump's latest executive order. Trump's order put a temporary halt to people coming into this country from countries that harbor terrorists and this reduced the Senator to tears. Schumer's tears became apparent as he rounded a corner with his speech, calling Trump's ban "mean-spirited."

Democrats engage in drama

Do the Democrats really believe this is nothing but a mean streak coming from Donald Trump? They've already saturated the news, calling this a "Muslim ban." This couldn't be further from the truth, reports "Fox and Friends" live on Monday morning.

Trump has put a halt on taking immigrants and refugees from seven countries, which are seven countries pinpointed by the Obama Administration.

"Wow... Chuck Schumer cries over Trump's un-American refugee ban," writes the Gateway Pundit. That "wow" was probably heard in living rooms across the country over the weekend when seeing a grown man cry over this. Many across the social media sites believe these tears should be shed for the victims of the terrorists that got into this country without a strict vetting procedure in place.

The tweet below makes a point.

The halt is temporary until an extreme vetting process can be put into place.

According to "Fox and Friends," polls today indicate the majority of Americans support this temporary ban. Chuck Schumer took to the podium not long after Trump signed this temporary ban into action. He painted a picture of the Statue of Liberty crying over what Trump has done. The same portrait of the Lady of Liberty was painted by Nancy Pelosi in a speech she made, according to the Washington Times.

Statue of Liberty cries too

Pelosi had tears rolling down the face of the Statue of Liberty after Trump signed the executive order. While Pelosi didn't appear to shed a tear, Schumer made up for the two of them when he stepped up to the podium. Many people feel Schumer is crying "crocodile tears," which was mentioned in a few online posts. Still many others feel he should get an award for his acting. Trump's ban is going to be very hard to rate for its effectiveness. This could very well save many lives, but you will never know this.

Better Senator cries than family members of victims

What the masses will know is that they have a president who is doing all that he can possibly do to keep Americans safe.

This is a temporary ban until a vetting procedure that works is put into place. As one social media user conveyed, it is better to see Schumer cry because he can't get his own way than another mother, father, brother, sister, friend or family member cry because doing it Schumer's way didn't work.