If you watched the Academy Awards’ live telecast on ABC last night, you were probably wondering why Warren Beatty kept looking at Faye Dunaway, pausing, and smiling when he opened the envelope for Best Picture. It seemed like he did not want to say the winner. Dunaway studied him skeptically and mouthed something to the effect of “You’re impossible.” When Dunaway announced “La-La Land,” another land was just beginning: the land of the Steve Harvey like screw ups.

Who is the winner?

The cast of “La-La Land,” took the stage. However, their time to shine was short.

During the acceptance speech, one of the producers announced that “Moonlight” was the true winner of Best Picture. People looked confused and seemed to think it was a joke until a “La-La land” producer pulled a card from Beatty’s hand that said “Moonlight” and flashed it to the audience.

Jimmy Kimmel jumps in

Host Jimmy Kimmel tried to make light of the incident by saying that it was Steve Harvey’s fault. Harvey announced the wrong winner for the Miss America Pageant a couple of years ago and still hasn’t lived it down. Harvey even received death threats after the show.

“Warren, what did you do?” joked Kimmel.

Warren Beatty gives the low down

Beatty started to explain what happened to the Oscar audience.

"I want to tell you what happened. I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone La La Land," said Beatty on the stage. "That's why I took such a long look at Faye and at you. I wasn't trying to be funny.”

As the actor laughed, Kimmel said, “But you were funny. That was very funny!”

What was even funnier was that Faye Dunaway had already fled the stage like Bonnie and Clyde at the point.

This left a flustered Beatty holding the bag and taking the fall alone.

Beatty then held up the right card and said, “This is Moonlight, the best picture.” The crowd was forgiving of the mistake, as the camera flashed to Michelle Williams and Bust Phillips laughing. Congratulations “Moonlight.” It is the first time a film that has featured a black, LGBT character has won for Best Picture.

No boring speeches this evening.