According to a new report from the, "The Walking Dead" executive producer, Greg Nicotero, has gone on record, explaining why we saw Rick bust out that huge smile at the end of the last episode 9 of season 7, labeled: "Rock In The Road," that aired this past Sunday night, February 13th, 2017. If you'll recall, Rick gave a puzzling smile after he and his crew got surrounded by a ton of people that didn't seem too friendly to wrap up that episode. Apparently, something was running through his mind that we're just not aware of until now.

Visions of an army

Greg gave an interview with the folks over at, and told them that Rick was smiling because he saw visions of a new army he could use to fight evil Negan, and that he's going to be determined to get these people on his side no matter what it freaking takes. They revealed that Greg also handled the directing duties for the installment, and thought it was the perfect way to cap it off. They revealed that he also reiterated the statements to the Entertainment Weekly news team, telling them that Rick sees soldiers in that big heap of people, and that's why he cracks the smile.

He was never worried

Continuing on, Greg said, that he doesn't think Rick was worried for even one second during that moment, thinking this is a lot of people and they have weapons, which is exactly what he freaking needs.

In related news, AMC also dropped new teaser clips for the upcoming episode 10, and things get quite intense as Richard gets himself into a gun-pointing stand-off with one of the Saviors after they try to pull a gun on him!

Then there's a scene where Rick and company are seen, gathering in one place with all those new people that we saw at the end of episode 9, and it's a lot of damn people too.

Way more than enough to build a huge army with. It also looks like King Ezekiel is going to finally have to make a stand after the crap that the Saviors pull in this one. The new episode 10 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, February 19th at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.