According to a new report from, the current "Bachelor 2017" main man, Nick Viall, did an interview with the folks at Channel 33 this past Tuesday, February 14th. During it, they got into a discussion about what all really went down when Corinne tried to offer up some her platinum sex to him. If you'll recall in this past Monday night's episode, Corinne made her way to his room to get some extra time in with him, and she totally had it in her head that she was going to rock his world in the bed.

Nothing happened

However, things didn't quite go the way she wanted them to when Nick, totally rejected her, telling her that he thinks they should slow down after they engaged in a deep kissing session.

The Channel 33 people asked Nick if anything else happened that we didn't get to see. He replied by telling them that basically everything we saw, is what went down. Literally, nothing else happened beyond the kissing.

She did nothing wrong

And while he did reject Corinne's advances, he said that he didn't think she did anything wrong, because he's all about the women, trying to take the initiative and trying to move the relationship forward. From there, he explained why he decided to not let things go further with her. Apparently, it dates back to his situation with his former flame, Kaitlyn Bristowe, when they were on her season of the Bachelorette.

It was just too early

He said after they had sex early on, it complicated things, and he didn't want to duplicate that with Corinne.

He also said that there was never a time during her little visit that he thought anything more than kissing was going to happen, which explained why he kept his mic on the entire time. Apparently, they had asked him about keeping his mic on with Corinne even when things got steamy. If you were wondering, that's why.

In other news, we caught a glimpse of what's coming up in the new episode 8 via a preview clip.

We're going to see a mystery lady, show up at some point. ABC claims this woman will confront him, but who knows? It could just be promotion hype. They also say in the clip, that Nick will supposedly shock us all at one point in the episode by doing something that we just couldn't imagine him doing. We'll see if that falls flat or not. Don't forget. Episode 8 airs this Monday night, February 20th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.