"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 7 aired Sunday night on AMC Networks. It was an episode that primarily focused on Negan and Carl Grimes. Instead of Carl getting killed, the "TWD" villain decided to give Carl a tour of the Sanctuary and had some interesting conversations with the boy. Back at Alexandria, Negan came across baby Judith. What are his plans for Rick's daughter?

Negan to show Rick Grimes he can get to his children

In a nutshell, Negan wants Rick Grimes to see him sitting on the porch, sipping lemonade, hanging out with Carl, and holding baby Judith for one important reason.

"The Walking Dead" character wants Rick to know that he can get to anyone in Alexandria, including Rick's children. It is something that will strike fear in Rick's heart. It's one thing to get to the Alexandrians and even have a conversation with Carl Grimes. Touching Judith will perhaps be the most terrifying thing Negan could do to Rick.

'The Walking Dead' villain won't hurt baby Judith

In Robert Kirkman's comic books, Negan doesn't kill women or children. Fans have speculated for months that the television version of the character will be the same way. It is clear that Negan doesn't plan on hurting Judith. However, that doesn't mean he won't make Rick think that his baby girl is safe. Similar to what he almost made Rick do to Carl in the season 7 premiere, it is about what could happen.

Negan is known for doing the unexpected and in part, that is what makes him so dangerous and frightening. You never know what he will do next or what he is planning.

The ultimate show of power in 'TWD'

Negan holding baby Judith will show Rick Grimes just how powerful he is. It will also prove to Andrew Lincoln's character in "The Walking Dead" that Negan really can be everywhere and can do whatever he wants.

There isn't anything Rick can do about it, either. At least, until Negan is dealt with.

What do you think is going to happen with Negan and baby Judith in "The Walking Dead?" What will the "TWD" villain do once Rick Grimes comes back to Alexandria?