Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, stars of "Vanderpump Rules" have been together since early 2015. They worked together at SUR during seasons 4 and 5. Rumors have been circling for a while about the possibility of a spin-off show for the couple. Jax Taylor has been referred to in the media, as well as on social media, as a player. He said that marriage wasn't for him which only confirmed that he was not the commitment type. Finding the right woman has a way of changing things, though, and Brittany has him rethinking things.

New spin-off show on Bravo!

In the Fall, RadarOnline reported to fans that there was a spin-off coming for these two. No details were available but there has been a lot of speculation. Now TMZ tells fans that there is indeed a spin-off coming. It will be a Bravo channel reality show. The filming will take place around Brittany's family back in Kentucky and the pressure they are putting on the couple to marry. This unconfirmed series is supposedly airing this summer after the finale of "Vanderpump Rules."

Jax ready for marriage?

Remember when Jax said marriage wasn't for him? Well, a couple of months ago he updated fans on where he stands. He cares so much for Brittany that making her happy is important to him and he knows that marriage is important to her.

Maybe the concept of marriage is something that is in his future after all. He did go on to explain that divorce is something he never wants to go through.

There have been rumors on and off throughout their relationship of them on the verge of splitting but as of now, they are still together. No rumors of an engagement but nonetheless still together.

Jax and Brittany have not confirmed or denied these rumors. When a fan tweeted that the two needed a spin-off series Jax did retweet it and added, "Just wait and see!!" Brittany has not weighed in yet.

While we are left to wait for an official announcement, it does sound like the reality show is in the works. Check back here at Blasting News for updates as they become available.