President Donald Trump has suggested that an obsession with political speeches may have been behind a mistake made during the live 2017 Oscars show. On social media, many have even developed conspiracy theories over the event.

More than a few jokes were aimed at Trump during the show

Political humor and current events were not ignored during the live show. During the event, host Jimmy Kimmel joked about how President Donald Trump did not write a text once during the show. To further the joke, he showed an enlarged version of Trump's Twitter page on screen.

He also painted the President as racist in a joke, and also asked actress Meryl Streep to stand up and asked her to applaud, to honor a recent incident at the Golden Globes award show, in which she condemned the President in a speech. He also mocked Trump’s criticism of the actress by sarcastically referring to her as “uninspiring” and “overrated,” and said her adulation was “undeserved.”

The political humor of the event, however, ended up being overshadowed by an incident in which the final award, for “Best Picture,” was accidentally given to the wrong film, “La La Land” over the real winner, “Moonlight.”

Interviews and social media combined the events together

In an interview, Trump suggested a connection between the two.

In an interview with Breitbart News, he said he felt that the show had been "so hard on politics that they didn't get the act together at the end," and added that he felt that the show has lost its glamour over the years by focusing too much on politics. He also added that the incident was a “sad” way for the event to end.

Supporters of Trump also turned to social media to criticize Hollywood over the political humor involved in the event, and also highlighted the mistake.

While few tried to tie the events together as Trump himself suggested, a recurring theme was that the incident should be taken as a sign against taking Hollywood’s messages seriously. Others tried to treat the incident as some sort of comeuppance for the Hollywood elite.

On the other hand, some social media users took the opportunity to develop conspiracy theories, with some suggesting, although likely in jest, that Trump or Vladimir Putin had been behind the mix-up, alluding to the controversy of Russian hacking posited during the election.