Michael Douglas threw a lit match in a powder magazine with claims that Val Kilmer is secretly battling tongue cancer. It reopened debate that the "Tombstone" actor was acting irresponsibly and praying away health problems in keeping with his anti-medicine religious beliefs. Kilmer's apparent weight lossmade cancer claims plausible. Kilmer opened up on cancer, Michael Douglas, accusations of ill health, Christian Science and his new play "Citizen Twain."

Val Kilmer throat cancer like Michael Douglas?

Douglas asserted that the "Top Gun" actor had cancer like his.

"The Streets of San Francisco" actor famously battled throat cancer--later revealed to be the more controversial tongue cancer. The Jewish Douglas, husband of the much younger Catherine Zeta-Jones, ignited speculation linking his kind of cancer to HPV and cunnilingus. His physician warned against telling people he had tongue cancer given it's negative association with oral sex.

Val Kilmer politely refutes Douglas

In a Facebook post, the "Batman" actor said that his friend is misinformed on any cancer diagnosis, throat or tongue. The last time the actors met was two years ago when Kilmer had asked the "Wall Street" actor for a physician referral. Val had a swollen tongue (and still does) and went to UCLA where a team of doctors cleared him of cancer.

He didn't address the tumor to which many attributed his sudden weight loss. The "Willow" actor earlier revealed a scar in his throat that may have explained why he always wears a neck covering.

Val Kilmer on Church of Christ Scientist

The director/ actor is an avid Christian Scientist (not to be confused with Scientology--the oneMariah Carey blames her split with James Packer on).

Kilmer's religion is known to avoid medical intervention and rely on prayer as much as possible. Kilmer is private about his health and when he mysteriously gained weight, lost it and kept his throat covered, folks assumed he was hiding something terrible. They criticized him for ignoring his health. But Christian Science, like the Louisiana Catholic traiteur of native Acadiana, works with doctors not against them.

They treat illness with prayer and laying on of hands but seek medical help when necessary.

Val Kilmer appreciative of concern

Kilmer isn't a social media climber like Kim Kardashian but neither is he a hermit as has been suggested. His Facebook post tactfully thanked folks for their worry but assured them that it is unnecessary. He is happy, healthy and very active. He's very excited about his play "Citizen Twain" in which he portrays noted Christian Scientist, author, humoristMark Twain and his link to church founder Mary Baker Eddy.