Now that Corinne Olympios has been kicked off "The Bachelor" by Nick Viall on last night's episode, she is free to comment on what the future may hold for her, and she is not holding back on what she thinks America wants. The 24-year-old blonde is speaking out on what she will do now and it sounds like maybe she is not done with Reality TV just yet. According to E! News, Corinne may soon end up with her own show.

No final rose or engagement ring

Olympios had her heart set on winning Nick Viall's heart, which may have also come complete with that final rose and an engagement ring.

However, he chose to eliminate her from the competition and sent her packing. Her heart was broken and she said that she felt like she was blindsided by Nick but she has quickly gotten back on her feet and is ready to take on the world.

Life after "The Bachelor" seems to have been good for Corinne Olympios. She has been on various talk shows doing interviews the past 24 hours since viewers saw her get the boot from the show and she has spoken out on her experience with Nick Viall and the other girls that she had to endure during the whole process. Now she is talking about the prospect of having her own reality show and it may just happen.

What would it be about?

According to the Florida native, she has been approached by many networks who are interested in her having her own show.

She said that it would most likely be about her interesting family that America met while she and Nick were on her hometown date last week. It was definitely interesting to see Corinne's home life, but would it be enough for an actual reality show each week?

That would be where Raquel would come in. "The Bachelor" fans took an instant liking to the nanny whom Corinne spilled about as she was talking to the other girls that were vying for Nick's heart.

She admitted that she has a nanny named Raquel back home and she did everything for her. Corinne doesn't exactly lack for money and loves that her nanny takes good care of her. That in itself may just be what America would love to watch.

Could she be a future 'Bachelorette'?

While Rachel Lindsay has already been picked to be on the next season of "The Bachelorette," Corinne is certainly not opposed to possibly being the one after her next year.

Of course, to make it even more entertaining, they could have her and Taylor Nolan on the same season vying against each other to be the sole bachelorette, just like they did with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson in 2015. Corinne and Taylor fought like cats and dogs until Taylor was sent home by Nick. That possibility would be doubtful, but it would make for a very interesting season.

Whatever happens in Corinne's future, it is sure to be one wild ride now that she has gained such popularity. Would you consider watching a reality show featuring the Olympios family? Be sure to catch Corinne and the rest of the girls on "The Women Tell All" next Monday night on ABC.