The "Transformer" movies have become quite popular all over the world due to how great the action was but also how the plots offered more than just explosions and mindless action. The movies are quite new (started in 2007) when compared to the cartoons that came out back in the early 80’s, but the movies have definitely helped bring back this Saturday Morning classic and create a saga that people of all ages love.

The Last Knight 2017

This movie has the humans and the "Transformers" at war, and there is no Optimus Prime to keep things in order and peace between them.

The key to making sure that this war does not destroy the world is to look way back into the days when the "Transformers" first arrive at our planet.

The plot

This is not the strongest plot so far, but we will have to wait and see the movie before we make any assumptions on how the movie will play out. The "Transformer" movies have always added a touch of humor, plot twists and action and this is the combination that keeps people coming to the theaters.

The cast

There is a whole new cast for this movie, and it includes Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Chan, Stanley Tucci and Sophia Miles amongst other great actors. The movies have always given actors a chance to display their talents, and they have always offered plenty of dialogue.

In this case, we expect to see the talent of Anthony Hopkins being put to good use.

The release

The film is currently in post-production, and it’s scheduled to come out on the 23rd of June, 2017 in the US with releases shortly after in other countries and regions of the world. We can expect to see another "Transformers" movie that is going to be a hit for the action popcorn movie lover that can’t get enough of the special effects and the fun fast paced movies that the saga has always created.


The "Transformer" movies have always been great, and they have provided an excellent source for people to have a great time with action and humor as they see their favorite colossal transforming robots in battle. Hopefully, "The Last Knight 2017" will continue proving that the saga is worth continuing. #Transformers