Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will be seen tying the knot in the coming weeks on "Vanderpump Rules," but during the newly aired episodes of the show, they have been seen dealing with some intense drama and feuds. In fact, during tonight's new episode of the reality series, Maloney and Schwartz get tied into a cheating scandal after a past incident is brought up by their co-stars.

In a sneak peek of tonight's show, shared by Us Weekly magazine on February 20, Schwartz is seen in the midst of a heated debate with Kristen Doute's boyfriend, Brian Carter, who takes it upon himself to question Schwartz about the allegations claiming he once cheated on Maloney with another woman.

While Schwartz admitted to kissing another woman years ago during a past season of the show, he insists that he never slept with the woman -- but Carter isn't convinced.

After being questioned by Carter, Schwartz speaks to Katie Maloney and tells his soon-to-be-wife that Doute is way out of line. In response, Maloney informs her fiance that Doute wasn't even a part of the conversation. Unfortunately, however, Schwartz is not happy and proceeds to call Maloney a "moron."

Is Katie Maloney holding a grudge against Tom Schwartz ahead of their wedding?

Although it has already been confirmed that Maloney and Schwartz tied the knot in Northern California during filming on "Vanderpump Rules" season five, the couple appeared to be on the verge of a split throughout the season and, as Doute revealed, the reason behind their tension may have been the underlying issue of Schwartz's decision to stray from their relationship.

According to Doute, Maloney decided that Schwartz did cheat on her and while he apologized for kissing another woman, she needed him to admit to doing more. That said, Schwartz is firm in his claim of nothing more having happened.

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