"The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins is still crazy in love with his fiancee Lauren Bushnell and calls rumors about their split "fake news." On Wednesday, blogger Reality Steve spoke out about Ben and Lauren's relationship, but Ben wants fans to know that although they haven't been spending time together in the past week, but he's still hoping that they will be able to start planning their wedding soon.

So, why all the confusion about their relationship? Fans started freaking out when Lauren took the words "fiancee" out of her Instagram bio, but that's not all.

The star of "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?" has been traveling with friends and many of her followers noticed that she wasn't wearing her engagement ring in photos and her Instagram story.

Although Ben tells E! that they are still together, he was really vague when asked about their wedding plans.

Ben clears things up ... sort of

Although Ben and Lauren haven't posted any cute couple photos in over a week, Ben explains that they both just "needed a break" after filming "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After" and celebrating the holidays. But they are still talking about their wedding, although they aren't sure if it will happen in 2017.

"We're both ready to start planning, but we needed a break between finishing filming and then the holidays happened," Ben tells E!

Online. "2017 I hope is the year that we have huge steps in either getting married or having a really good idea of when we're getting married, but right now we don't."

Fans aren't convinced

Although Ben says that he doesn't respond often to "rumors or fake news, he states that he still has the same feelings for Lauren that he did when they fell in love on "The Bachelor." However, Reality Steve states that "something is up," noting that when "Bachelor" couples who start to change their social media (i.e.

Lauren removing 'fiancee' from her IG bio) it's usually a sign that "something's up."

Right now, Lauren is traveling with friends and the comments on her social media posts clearly show that fans think there's a breakup statement coming, especially since she's not wearing her engagement ring and has been away from Ben for more than a week, including her birthday weekend.

Despite all of the breakup chatter, Ben is confident that fans will see them get married, he's just not sure when that will happen.