Hey, my fellow "Vampire Diaries" fans. Man, do we have a very interesting spoiler clip treat for you below this article. As expected, The CW delivered huge, last night, with the new promo clip for their upcoming episode 15 of this last season 8. This thing shows us that crazy Katherine might be back and out on the lose. However, she's not showing herself. So, they are seen, throwing a huge Stefan and Caroline wedding in a big attempt to lure her out, and it appears to work in a very fiery way, and more! OMG!

The big scheme gets formulated

The new clip starts off with chatter about how to get rid of the Queen of Hell.

Then Alaric is seeing, asking if they're sure Katherine is back in their world! Say what? They're definitely going out with a bang if this is true. Next, we have a scene where Caroline is spotted,asking how do they get Katherine to show herself? So, it sounds like she's hiding at the moment. Damon responds by suggesting that they throw the one party that Katherine would never miss, which is: a great, big wedding!

She's walking down the isle

From there, we see Caroline, spotted walking down the isle of very nice chapel. Like, for real. This is an extremely beautiful chapel, filled with tons of extras that are playing happy-looking guests with great, big smiles on their faces. Next, there's another scene that flashes back to Damon, giving his reason for the Caroline and Stefan wedding idea, saying that Katherine is obsessed with Stefan, so they need to shove his happiness right in her face.

She won't be able to control herself!

A big kiss between Stefan and Caroline

While this is happening, we see flashes of Stefan and Caroline, exchanging rings and stuff like they usually do at weddings, and also sharing that major kiss that supposedly seals the final deal that makes them man and wife. Elsewhere, there's another series of scenes that shows us, what appears to be Katherine, finally showing up with some sort of a knife-like weapon, attacking someone and setting a huge fire!

Oh no! What the hell. It definitely looks like this episode is going to give us a ton of suspense. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned. Episode 15 is due to make its way to the airwaves on Friday night, March 3rd, 2017 at 7pm central time on The CW.