According to a new report from the website, it's highly possible that we might be seeing the "Game Of Thrones" Arya character get reunited with an olf wolf friend when season 7 finally shows up on the scene later this year. They said that a "Game of Thrones" fan site, reported Arya's portrayer, Maisie Williams (left), was spotted, filming for the new season over in Canada,Calgary at the same time that two familiar wolves were pronounced to be in the same area.

They're ready to work

They said that the Canada-based company, "Instinct Animals," which happens to train a lot of the animals that we see in the "Game of Thrones" series, served up a photo of the two rumored wolves that might be showing up.

They also added the following caption: "ready to work" to go along with the photo. If that weren't enough, they coupled the photos with the hashtag "#WinterIsComing." Again, they reiterated that these pictures were posted at the same time that our lovely Arya actress was in the area, filming.

One of them could be Nymeria

So, while nothing is official, here, they are attempting to put two and two together, so to speak. They went on to say that there was a white wolf in one of the photo that has played Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost since the season that aired in 2015. And then the other wolf, which has a darker color to it, they're saying, could serve as a good replacement for the dog that played Arya's direwolf ,Nymeria, in the very first season.

A much shorter season

The last time we saw Nymeria in action, was in season 1 when she was spotted, heading off to King's landing after she protected Arya and the butcher's son from that jerk, Prince Joffrey. Arya, ended up, having to send her away in an effort to spare her life from a death sentence. Apparently, the novels has Arya, overhearing rumors that involve a female wolf that has gathered together a huge pack to overrun the Riverlands.

They said that if the TV show decides to use this particular storyline, we might be seeing Nymeria back in action in the upcoming season 7. The new season is set to debut this Summer sometime and will only consist of seven episodes, so one thing's for sure. It's definitely going to be a much shorter season. Stay tuned.