Within a month, former Breitbart News editor milo yiannopoulos went from the penthouse to the outhouse after a video resurfaced showing his alleged defense of pedophilia. Backlash has since followed, but others are sticking up for the provocative journalist from Britain.

Coulter on Milo

Milo Yiannopoulos gained attention over the last year by making the rounds on college campuses. As part of his "Dangerous fa**ot tour," Yiannopoulos would engage with liberal students and activist groups, becoming highly critical of the modern feminism movement, Black Lives Matter, other forms of political correctness.

After his speech at UC Berkeley was cancelled last month following protests turning into riots, Yiannopoulos vaulted into the headlines, which resulted in a highlighted spot on the HBO' "Real Time with Bill Maher." After the aforementioned video was released, Yiannopoulos was dis-inviting from speaking at CPAC, his book deal was cancelled, followed by his resignation as senior editor of Breitbart News. As seen on her Twitter feed on February 22, Ann Coulter has come to his defense.

"Does the left's rage at Milo mean they're reconsidering handing out condoms to 13 yr-olds?" Ann Coulter wrote on Twitter.

Coulter then posted four separate articles about students as young as 13-year-old being given access to birth control, in another shot at liberals and Democrats in an apparent defense of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Not stopping there, Ann Coulter tweeted an article from 2015 that allegedly showed a picture of a young boy dancing topless at an LGBT pride event, while continuing her defense of Milo Yiannopoulos in the process.

"GIVE ME A BREAK ON MILO, LIBERALS!" tweeted along with the attached article.

Coulter backlash

In response, Twitter users appeared horrified that Ann Coulter was going to great lengths to defend the controversial British journalist. "You're actually defending that pedophilia sympathizer??????," Perez Hilton tweeted. "There is a vast difference between teens having sex with each other and an adult raping children!," another tweet read, before adding, "Stop defending pedophilia!"

The hits kept coming against Ann Coulter, with many social media users piling on.

"What does this mean? you ok with Milo dating 13 year old boys? Adult's are the 1's responsible ..not Adolescents..no excuse!" another message read. As of press time, Coulter has not addressed the current situation around Milo Yiannopoulos since his resignation took place.