Most people who enjoy the horror genre can agree that "The Ring" is one of the best horror movies that came out back in the early 2k’s and it was an excellent experience that made fans scream in terror when the long-haired child ghost appeared. The original movie was a Japanese movie that is still considered the best version, but "Rings 2017" is going to try to top all of "the ring movies" that have been made so far and according to critics, this has been quite a good way to bring the story to a whole new level.

The Plot

The most important thing to consider is that The Plot in this movie is more dynamic and it starts with a very nice and terrifying scene that involves people who are tormented by the ghost known as Samara, and this starts the movie on a very serious note that gets people heavily involved with the character that start to search for Samara’s grave.

The cast

This is a completely different cast from the other movies and it includes Matilda Lutz as Julia, Alex Roe as Holt and the always cool Vincent D’Onofrio. The rest of the cast is a bit forgettable as there are no other popular actors and their performances are not that memorable, but the protagonists do a good job of taking you through the movie in a way that feels believable.

The marketing

This is one of the horror movies that has been using great marketing tactics to get people excited about "rings 2017." They have been creating stunts and jokes with an actress dressed as Samara popping out of TV sets at convenience stores to give people a good scare and promote the movie. We don’t remember seeing marketing that was this strong since the Anabelle release and it feels like Samara deserves the spotlight too.


If you want to get scared in a good old fashion way, you are going to love "the rings" as it brings the cold school feel of the original with some great modern elements that will remind you of how much fun you had being scared when you watched the first one and this is going to be a very fun ride to the world of horror with our favorite long-haired ghost.