Did Nick Viall spoil "The Bachelor" ending over a slip-up on social media? If so, he wasn't the only one. Vanessa Grimaldi may have messed up, too. Reality Steve was tagged in a Twitter message from a user who spotted something in each of the images from Nick and Vanessa's social media accounts.

Selfies giving away 'Bachelor' spoilers?

According to "The Bachelor" fan, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi snapped selfies of themselves sitting on a sofa that had the same color. The furniture was more visible in Nick's photo than Vanessa's. She had a more close-up photo that didn't reveal much of the couch, but was enough to make the sleuthing fan suspicious that Reality Steve's spoilers were accurate all along about Vanessa being the woman who Nick chooses at the end of the show.

Steve didn't seem to find the revelation particularly relevant, however.

Nick has a 'happy ending' on show, but what about after it?

Nick Viall has already leaked that he has a "happy ending" on "The Bachelor" 2017. Reality Steve has spoiled who Nick picks in the finale and he firmly claims Vanessa Grimaldi is the one he proposes to. On a unfortunate note, Steve informs fans that things aren't going well for the two mainly because Nick is focused on making a Hollywood career for himself and appearing on "The Bachelor" had nothing to do with finding a wife.

He went on the show to allegedly launch his acting career.

Steve has also revealed that his credible sources tell him one of the big issues between Nick and Vanessa is where to live. Vanessa is a special education teacher in Montreal and she has strong ties there. Nick isn't about to give up Los Angeles since he's pursuing the dream of being a star.

It's not a compatible mix and doesn't seem to be a topic the two discussed while on the show.

An In Touch magazine report claims that Vanessa is worried that she made a "mistake" getting engaged to Nick. Her family is also concerned about the engagement. Watching Nick with the other women on television has been hard for Vanessa as she sits through episodes of him acting like a "playboy." A couple of scenes with the other women have also pushed her buttons.

A source said Nick's fiancee was warned by the other women that he tried to sleep with all of them, but she brushed it off as jealousy. She's allegedly learning the truth now.

"The Bachelor" 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m, ET/PT.