Things were really intense on this week's episode of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots." There was a lot of arguing, fighting and at the end of the hour somebody got shot. Hanna begs Benny and Candace to turn themselves into the authorities for the crime they have committed. However, they refused. Then Hanna leaves and ends us at Warlock's place and begs him not to harm Candace.

Hanna and War

Hanna did her best to persuade War not to harm Candace; however, he did not back off. He swore he was going to get even with her for having set him up.

Candace is evil, but she didn't put the drugs in his car that caused him to go to jail. Hanna reminded War that she took care of him when he was a child, but that made no difference to him. After Hanna leaves War, he asks his men to follow her, thinking he will find Candace that way. Therefore, Candace is still in danger.

Veronica and Melissa

Veronica was excessively mean to Melissa, the girl she is forcing to marry her son to prove he isn't gay. For this, she has promised to pay Melissa's father's medical bills. She blames Melissa for not being able to get Jeffrey to marry her because she doesn't shave her legs. Because her gay son is not interested in Melissa, Veronica retaliates and refuses to pay the hospital bill.

Jeffrey and Justin

At the Artesian Hotel, Jeffrey and Justin get cozy, but Jeffrey is concerned about Wyatt, and he has every reason to be worried. After getting a text from Wyatt, Jeffrey goes to him, and Justin follows. La'Quita and her friend are arrested for keeping Wyatt hostage.

When Jeffrey gives attention to Wyatt, Justin gets jealous.

Jeffrey tried to assure Justin that Wyatt is not gay, but that did not keep Justin from telling Jeffrey he has to choose between him and Wyatt. The men fight, and Jeffrey manages to take Officer Justin's gun and draws it on Justin. Justin's partner comes in and sees Jeffrey with the gun, then he draws his gun on Jeffrey. A shot is heard as the episode ends.

It was not shown who fired the shot or who was shot. Was it Justin, his partner, or Jeffrey?

There is so much tension on "The Haves and the Have Nots" that no one seems happy. Every single character has some unresolved issue that only Tyler Perry knows how to resolve.