Just when the American people and the media didn't think that Donald Trump could find a way to be even more controversial, he finds a way to do it. After the President of the United States held a press conference in the White House on Thursday, he left many scratching their heads, and Hollywood was quick to react.

Hollywood on Trump

After quickly announcing his nomination for Labor Secretary, President Donald Trump then took his press conference in a completely different direction. The former host of "The Apprentice" went on to continue his attack on the mainstream media, increasing his favorite smear tagline from "fake news" to "very fake news." Trump also went on to blame former President Barack Obama for his current issues in the White House, going as far as saying he "inherited a mess" from the previous administration.

The press conference lasted over an hour, and has been regarded as more of a spectacle than an act by a commander in chief. In the aftermath, Twitter lit up on February 16, with some of Hollywood's biggest starts speaking out.

"Trump asked a Black reporter if she was friends with the Cong'l Black Caucus. I should ask Trump if he's friends with all the Oompa Loompas," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

The "Star Trek" star didn't stop there, this time going after the president for his apparent obsession with talking about his election win. "It's 3 months later and you're still talking about your electoral victory," Takei tweeted, before adding, "That means even you aren't really sure if this nightmare is real."

Actor and director Rob Reiner kept his criticism short and sweet, tweeting, "He's out of his fu**ing mind!!" Talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler took a more humorous approach when taking her frustrations out on Twitter.

"Today at noon Donald Trump announced Alexander Acosta as his new choice for labor secretary, they’re still shaking hands," she wrote.

Backlash continues

"Watching @CNN at a pool hall interviewing people who are still happy about voting for Trump is deeply troubling," director Judd Appatow posted on his Twitter feed, before adding, "They echo Trump's words." Actor Seth Rogen also gave a few thoughts, this time directing his message to Donald Trump's son.

"Yo! @DonaldJTrumpJr! I noticed you follow me on Twitter. Please ask your dad to resign before he destroys the planet. Thanks dude," he wrote.

Moving forward

In the hours since the aforementioned press conference, the media has not taken their foot off the gas when it comes to their criticism of Donald Trump. Despite the backlash against him, Trump doesn't appear willing to back off his agenda, and only appears like he thrives off the opposition.