The "lego batman" movie is not only a critics' favorite but it appears the movie-going audiences are loving the film as well. As the second weekend that the movie has been out is coming to an end, the film is still fighting off all comers when it comes to audience numbers. Last week, it fought off the debut of "50 Shades Darker" and this week it was "The Great Wall" that took on the second film in the franchise based on the popular toys. Considering just how weak the opponents in the box office battles are going to be this time of year, it appears the studios had a pretty good plan laid out for releasing the movie when they did.

Already near $100 million

While "Lego Batman" isn't expected to have as good a weekend as its debut, the more than $34 million its gotten so far, means it's close to $100 million already. That number is before the final day for the weekend, an extra day thanks to President's Day. Both this version of the Dark Knight and "50 Shades Darker" are expected to bring in some serious cash in the final day of the three-day weekend.

The animated film has taken care of business, especially when it comes to going head-to-head with Matt Damon's new film. It's not clear why "The Great Wall" has been undersold the way it has, but certainly a low-key marketing approach has hurt its attempts to make a dent in ticket sales for "Lego Batman."

Timing is key

Taking one look at the other movies that are listed in the top-five, it's not a real surprise this animated film is having so much success.

Most theaters are still reporting near sold out showings in the middle of the weekend day. A film like "John Wick 2" has actually been getting decent press but it has not been getting much in the way of visits to the theater. It's possible this type of film is going to do better when it leaves the theater and people will be able to watch it from the comfort of their own home. If you haven't yet checked out the new film, you can check out everything you need to know about it and decide if you'll be among the throng going to see it this weekend.