"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers tease that a reboot of the Spectra family is infusing a fresh storyline into the popular CBS soap. Sally Spectra (originally played by the late Darlene Conely who died in 2007) often went head-to-head with the Forresters when it came to fashion design. The Spectras have fallen off the canvas in years since, but a new group of characters is back to take on the Forresters once more.

Who make up the new 'B&B' characters?

According to "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers by Soaps.com, Sally Spectra's grandniece is also named Sally and is played by Courtney Hope ("Quantum Break" and "Transparent").

She was raised by her grandmother, Shirley, who is played by Patrika Darbo ("Days of Our Lives'" Nancy).

The rest of the clan shown on the Wednesday episode included Saul's nephew -- also named Saul; he's portrayed by Alex Wyse ("Masters of Sex"). According to the spoiler article, "a new take on the Darla character, Darlita," was portrayed by “Modern Family” actress, Danube Hermosillo. In all, a new group is ready to take on the Forresters as they reinvent themselves.

'B&B spoilers reveal Spectras will renew old battles with the Forresters

"The Bold and the Beautiful's" head writer and executive producer, Brad Bell, reveals that the new Sally is aiming to renew Specra Fashions in the building that Bill Spencer wants demolished to build new high-rise.

Sally’s son, C.J. (a role reprised by Mick Cain), owns the structure and is willing to give Sally a 6-month trial in her business venture.

Bell thinks that the Spectra family is exactly what "The Bold and the Beautiful" needs because it will provide a great "contrast" to the glamorous Forresters. Additionally, it's meant to bring "levity" and "escapism" in a "rough" world right now.

The new "B&B" storyline will certainly bring some comedic relief and get away from the same Forrester storylines that fans often watch unfold. The Spectras always brought humor and a unique twist to the daytime drama.

Are you excited to see what the Spectras will offer on "The Bold and the Beautiful"?