President Donald Trump's comments about Arnold Schwarzenegger and “The Celebrity Apprentice” at the national prayer breakfast have generated a new round of buzz about the president's approach to leading the country and the new “Apprentice” host and former governor of California didn't hesitate to fire back at the criticism thrown at him.

Trump's comments about Schwarzenegger raised eyebrows

As CNN reports, President Donald Trump used the National Prayer Breakfast that he attended Thursday morning to note that people should pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger due to the low ratings that “The Celebrity Apprentice” is getting in this current season.

This is not the first time that Trump has dogged on Schwarzenegger and the latest season of the show. As many would point out, the criticism comes off as rather absurd on many levels, especially considering that the new president is still an executive producer for the show and many would think he has higher priorities than obsessing over the ratings of the series.

The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly gathering that has included remarks from the president for a number of decades, but Trump's remarks stood out in sharp contrast to what the attendees can typically expect. It did not take long for the digs at Schwarzenegger to start making headlines and Arnold stepped up and provided a comedic response.

Arnold's post quickly went viral

The current “Celebrity Apprentice” host posted a video on Twitter offering to let Trump head back to the show since he's such an expert at ratings. Arnold noted that in exchange, he would be happy to step into the position of being president so that the people can sleep comfortably again.

Schwarzenegger's tweet quickly garnered more than 90,000 “likes” and was shared nearly 50,000 times in a matter of hours.

So far, the president hasn't tweeted any sort of response or further dig to Schwarzenegger, but the last few tweets have included digs at Iran, U.C. Berkeley, the Obama administration, and Australia. Knowing Trump's patterns, something related to Arnold's post may well be coming later in the day as he rarely lets a celebrity dig go by without comment.

These first two weeks of the Trump presidency have been quite controversial and people are bracing themselves to see what comes next. Will the president respond to Arnold Schwarzenegger's post or will he let it go and move on to focus on the numerous substantial issues on his plate at the moment?