Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt continued to try to persuade Steffy to move in with them. She questioned whether she wanted to gain further exposure on social media, and Wyatt assured her that she'll never have to live alone again.

Liam warned Ridge about his plan

At Forrester Creations, Liam ranted about Steffy's meeting with Wyatt and Quinn, while Ridge told him that he has to be patient. He was afraid that he had lost Steffy. "I'm gonna get to Quinn, and I'm gonna make sure that my dad sees it, for his own good," Ridge said.

Liam felt that Ridge's plan would make him lose his father and the CEO position for good. Before leaving, he warned Ridge to be careful. "I'm a big boy," Ridge said. "She eats those for breakfast," Liam replied.

Brooke made her own plans

At home in the kitchen, RJ appeared excited with the idea of his mother and father getting married. However, Brooke admitted that they won't get married until a certain someone [Quinn] is out of their lives. Brooke revealed that Ridge is very motivated to get rid of Quinn. When Ridge entered the room, Brooke told him that she wanted to visit Hope in Milan. "You're too busy for me," she joked. Ridge didn't protest the idea. The couple was happy with the plan, and felt that everything would be sorted out by the time she came back home.

Steffy announced her decision

At the Forrester mansion, Eric told Steffy that "everything you need is here." Of course, Steffy was flattered to be offered a million dollars and the family home from Eric, but felt it was too much. Then she broke the news: "I'm not moving in here any time soon, Wyatt, I don't want to hurt know where we stand," she said to him apologetically.

She notified them all that once the divorce was final, she'd be moving back in with Liam. Apparently hurt, Wyatt used his expert salesman skills to convince her to think about the deal.

When Steffy left, the trio discussed the results of their efforts to win her over to Wyatt. Then Wyatt asked, "Why can't I just work on my marriage myself?" Eric then apologized for interfering, while Quinn admitted that she does have the tendency to "help too much." Still, Wyatt was appreciative, and told her how much he loved her.

Steffy found Liam alone at home. He asked her about her meeting with Quinn and Wyatt. She told him that they want her to move in to her grandfather's house. Not surprised, Liam tried to explain that they are trying to buy her, but Steffy felt that they were genuine. Liam was worried that he may never see her again, but Steffy informed him about her decision to say no.

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