Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. I hope your Saturday is going well. If not, we've got something that might brighten it up a little bit. It's a couple of storyline spoiler scoops for this Monday's January 30th,2017 episode! We were also able to track down the promo/spoiler clip, which we've added below. It turns out that things are actually going to get quite confrontational between Quinn and Ridge ,at some point, when they try to talk about Quinn! Then we've got a cheesy Liam and Steffy moment.

It's fight night

The first thing that we'll do, is go ahead and jump right into this Katie and Ridge situation.

Yep, we've got multiple sources, including CBS, telling us that these two are going to have some major tension, brewing in this installment as it's described that they are going to get into a very heated confrontation over Quinn. They didn't indicate what particular issues about Quinn will spark up the tension. All that we know, right now, is that the conversation will certainly be about Quinn, and that usually means trouble, anyways. It's definitely going to be interesting to see what does actually spark up the argument and if they can eventually just calm down.

Ridge, please be careful

Next, we learn that there's going to be a moment where Katie will attempt to warn Ridge to be very careful when dealing with Quinn.

We suspect that this may be the same scene that includes their heated argument. We're not sure, but expect this little warning session to go down as well. They didn't get into specifics about what her warnings will entail, so it'll be intriguing to see what she comes up with.

Steffy and Liam talk old weddings

Then in this 3rd and last written spoiler, we've got a pretty cheesy and boring situation that's going down with Steffy and Liam, or at least, it sounds that way as it's been described to us that they're just going to sit around and reminisce about weddings that have gone down in the past.

So, yeah. There's nothing else to say about that other than it sounds like a bore fest of a scene, but whatever. It's happening, and just be prepared for it.

Quinn won't stand for all the questions

Now, we're going to go over this new promo clip for a bit. In the first scene, we see Quinn, telling Katie that she's not going to tolerate being questioned by her in her own damn house.

Ridge is seen, standing next to Quinn at the time. Next, we see Steffy, letting Liam know that she's not insecure abut their relationship at all, so it appears that they're doing quite well at the moment. Then the clip closes out, showing us the scene where Katie is spotted, begging Ridge to be very careful and to keep a lot of distance from her. In other words, she wants him to stay the hell away from her. Will he heed her advice? We'll definitely be finding out. Stay tuned.