"The Bachelorette" lead for next season, Rachel Lindsay, is in the wings and preparing for taping. As the execs of the show start their casting search, former Bachlorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has some words of wisdom to share.

Kaitlyn was the second lady of "The Bachelor" family to reject Nick on finale night and leave with another man as her fiance. She has often talked about her experience as the lady in charge and is grateful for the opportunity but it was with a cost.

Former Bachelorette claims her body began breaking down from the stress!

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kaitlyn says she experienced hair loss due to stress.

Clumps of hair would fall out and she actually developed a bald spot in the back of her head. The amount of stress she was under coupled with a grueling schedule were a tough mix. She said there were times when the alcohol was flowing but she would only get about an hour of sleep while being taped for the show.

The most concerning thing Kaitlyn warns rachel lindsay to be aware of is that you can't trust the producers. During the taping of the show, there is no cell phone allowed. She says she felt all alone and would start to trust the crew, sharing information. When she watched the show when it aired, she found out that she couldn't trust them. Editing can make all the difference in how a person is perceived.

Once in a lifetime experience.

Of course everything she said wasn't negative. The once in a lifetime opportunity she experienced didn't go unappreciated. Kaitlyn and Shane remain engaged and she is happy with the outcome. As for her thoughts on Nick and how he had tweeted that he was thankful she hadn't picked him, she totally agrees with him!

She has found the love of her life and is wishing him well in finding his.

Rachel's father has been spoken of quite a bit since the announcement of her being "The Bachelorette". Tonight on "The Bachelor" we will see Rachel take Nick to Dallas, Texas to meet her parents. Tune in to get to know our next leading lady even better.