"The Bachelor" introduced America to 24 year old Corinne Olympios this season as one of the women vying for Nick's heart. Well, Corinne made sure she stood out and has created quite the reputation for herself.

Corinne Olympios took every opportunity she could to drop her top and have Nick's hand on her breasts. Twice during photo sessions with Nick on group dates she did this. Needless to say, she wasn't very well liked in the house. She told #bachelornation that her V-jay-jay is platinum and it looks like some want to find out.

Pornhub Records wants Corinne!

Corey Price, Vice President of PornHub has reached out to Corinne in the form of a letter dated today. They want to make a music video that features her. Of course he made reference to her appearance in 2 Chainz video "Zip & A Double Clip". They felt that she was a "standout" and want to showcase her talent once again.

They are willing to work with her to make sure she gets exactly what she wants in order to make this happen. Price tells her in the letter that they will meet her demands but have put together a little list to start. Voodoo dolls are allowed on the set. They understand that she likes to take naps and will allow as many as she wants. If Corinne wants to share the spotlight with Raquel, she is more than welcome to join in.

Who is PornHub?

Well, PornHub is exactly what it sounds like. A business that operates in the porn industry. They have diversified, however. In 2014 they branched out and started a record label. The goal was to have music being made that was for an adult audience. They weren't signing pop and boy bands. Some of the artists they did sign were LMFAO Redfoo, Coolio, and Waka Flocka.

The offer just happened and Corinne Olympios has not had time to respond yet. As all of "The Bachelor" fans know, the hometown dates just happened on last night's show. According to the spoilers, Corinne will be going home at the next Rose Ceremony. With no fiance' to stand in the way, do you think she will take this opportunity?