Kailyn Lowry announced she is pregnant with her third child on February 23, and right away, she was met with extreme backlash from viewers and fans of "Teen Mom 2." After confirming her baby news earlier this evening, fans flooded Lowry with comments comparing her to her co-star, Jenelle Evans, and labeling her with mean descriptions.

"My life goes on no matter what people are saying," Lowry wrote on Twitter hours ago. However, that didn't stop her fans and followers from continuing to weigh in on the news of her pregnancy. Along with a comment labeling her "Jenelle 2.0," people were seen slamming Lowry for having three different fathers for her children -- and for bringing yet another man into her sons' lives.

"How are you not embarrassed?" one person wrote. Others accused the reality star of getting pregnant in an effort to stay relevant. Meanwhile, she was also accused of conceiving a child with her "flavor of the month boyfriend," who has yet to be identified.

Kailyn Lowry avoided the pregnancy backlash for months

When Kailyn Lowry chose to confirm she was expecting, she knew she was in for some crazy headlines, which is why she waited so long to do so. In her February 23 blog post, the "Teen Mom 2" star explained that she was in no mood to be followed by paparazzi -- or confronted with scandalous stories -- so she chose to wait until after she was sold out before she confirmed the news.

Lowry also waited to reveal her baby news because she was coping with a high risk pregnancy.

As she explained to fans, she experienced health issues in the months leading up to her pregnancy and didn't want to risk having to confirm a second miscarriage (Lowry miscarried the would-be second child of her former husband Javi Marroquin in late 2015) if her pregnancy didn't work out.

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