Sonja Morgan is known for her sophisticated attitude and her classy looks. She is also known to be a woman of the town, having relationships with several different men since her divorce. A lot has changed since she joined the "Real Housewives of New York," mostly for the better.

What is Sonja Morgan up to?

Right now, Sonja Morgan is a busy woman. She is rarely home, so she is looking to downsize and sell her current residence. It is a five story townhouse with an asking price of $10 million. This is going to be a tough sell, but she seems confident she will be able to get out from under it.

Morgan purchased it with her ex-husband. Now that her daughter is in boarding school and she is traveling for promotional reasons, there is no reason to keep that huge home if it is only going to be her.

Tipsy Girl wine has been released, and it looks like all of Sonja Morgan's friends are all being very supportive. There was drama last season on the "Real Housewives of New York" between Bethenny Frankel and Morgan because of the name of the wine line. It is similar to what Bethenny already markets, and she was angry Morgan would attempt to cash in with a name so similar to her brand. The two had it out, but it seems like the broken fences have been mended. Bethenny showed up at the launch party to support Sonja, which was a big step forward.

'RHONY' will be good

The new season of the "Real Housewives of New York" is going to be explosive. LuAnn de Lesseps married Tom finally, which was a big deal last season. Sonja Morgan was insisting on the fact that she was actually serious with LuAnn's man at one point. There was a lot of drama over this, leading to the ladies bickering all the time.

The wedding took place on New Year's Eve, and will be a part of the new season when it returns.

Fans are hoping that Sonja Morgan will sell her home and can find something that is completely hers. A lot happened in that townhouse and it is time for the reality star to move on with her life and leave the past in the past.