All too soon, the last tear has been shed on the "Real Housewives Of New York"(RHONY) reunion show, with the inimitable Andy Cohen doing his best to pull the ladies together. But with that bummer in the summer comes the OMG excitement of waiting to see who will survive through to the next season. Offering a clue: Radar Online, which revealed which #RHONY co-stars are on the "chopping block" and cast a prediction as to who viewers will see on their screens when the newest season debuts.

New cast members?

A show insider revealed that executives plan to start casting soon, but the hint at a need for replacementstars means that one or more housewives are set to exit stage left.

One of those names is predictable, with speculation starting even before the season ended that Jules Wainstein would not return. Although Jules did have some involvement in the drama of the RHONY season, battling over comments regarding her confession about an eating disorder, she was more of a friend than a key player, particularly compared to the Countess and the alleged infidelity drama and trauma.

In addition to Jules, Dorinda Medley may not return. Viewers were shocked when Bethenny Frankel and Medley were shown fighting over Dorinda's alleged drug use. But it's not the claims of cocaine that has Medley potentially following her friend Jules out theexit door. Instead, the 51-year-old has spent some of the season defending her young pal, and with Wainstein vanished, Medley isn't left with much of a storyline for the cameras to follow.

Further cuts?

As for LuAnn, dare producers cut out the Countess? Well, maybe, with the issue revolving around her distaste for having her wedding to Tom filmed, an insider told Radar. While a wedding on RHONY could make for runaway ratings, the refusal to have the ceremony filmed could mean getting axed from the cast.

The rest of the cast reportedly is safe.

E News also confirmed that Jules is gone from RHONY. The 35-year-old reportedly initially was chosen for two reasons: Because she is Dorinda's buddy and because she was viewed as an intriguing contrast to Bethenny. However, Frankel disengaged herself as much as possible from participating in any attempts to bring on the drama when it came to Jules.

As for the othershows, the Dallas version of the Reality TV show also is in a state of uncertainty.