One of the biggest surprises in the comic book movie genre was "Deadpool," which was not only a FOX release but a rare Rated-R comic book film. Despite the rating and the fact that the movie was not a Marvel release, "Deadpool" became the second highest grossing R-rated film of all-time with $363 million domestic and $783 worldwide, behind only "The Passion of the Christ." What is even more impressive is that FOX didn't even want to release it until fan demand grew too high to ignore. Now, a sequel is underway with a new director and a shooting schedule that kicks off this summer.

'Deadpool 2' sequel changes directors

The first big thing to understand is that the new "Deadpool" movie will have a new director. Star Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Tim Miller for the first movie and it was an overwhelming success, with great humor and pop culture references, making it different from everything else FOX made. It ended up as the most successful X-Men-based movie for FOX. However, Tim Miller wanted to make the sequel more like a regular superhero movie and Ryan Reynolds wanted to keep it raw and similar to the first movie. Reynolds won out with the studio and they hired "john wick" director David Leitch to take his place.

'Deadpool 2' shooting schedule

The turnaround has been quick.

"John Wick 2" just came out this month and impressed genre fans, giving Leitch a great chance to make a superhero movie. Drew Goddard (Netflix's "Daredevil") signed on to help write the new script this week and there is already a shooting schedule. "Deadpool 2" will shoot from June 19 until Sept. 18. FOX wants it in theaters for a 2018 release, putting it ahead of most of the already announced X-men spin-off movies.

What to expect from 'Deadpool 2'

The biggest question is who will be in the "Deadpool" sequel. The production has already said that Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Dopinder will all be back for the movie. However, the biggest additions look to be Domino and Cable. The arrival of Cable is the biggest and casting is more important for that character since he should headline the "X-Force" movie that Ryan Reynolds is helping write.