Nile Rodgers, who is also known as Guitar God, got shocked when he received news alert on his phone that George Michael had died. Nile was actually waiting for George’s text message about his new collaboration. Just two days before George died, Nile was at his house, and the two musicians had arranged for speaking on the phone on the Christmas Day.

The Chic star was remixing one of Michael’s songs

Nile Rodgers, the Chic star, was remixing the songs of Michael. He also stated that Michael had planned for a big comeback. At the BBC Worldwide Showcase, Rodgers was asked about whom he would like to collaborate with.

He had told the Press Association that it was a tricky question for him since the people he worked with passed away. He stated that on 23rd December, he was working with Michael, remixing one of his songs and at the same time, he had a Chic concert that night. But the tragedy happened, and Michael died on Christmas Day while Nile was awaiting his text message about his plan to remix songs.

Nile was waiting for Michael’s message when he read about his death

At that time, George was working for a movie, and he wanted to make a big comeback. For that reason, Nile had come to his house, but he hadn’t played the demo yet since he believed it was quite cool and he wanted to play it in front of Michael first.

Nile received a text message from Michael who asked him to come the next day. On the Christmas Day, instead of receiving a text message, he actually got a text alert that George Michael was found dead.

Nile feels ambivalent about his work now since he wanted to show it to Michael first

Nile described that moment as heart-breaking.

He felt he wanted to show his work to Michael, but he could not get the chance. He felt he would be ambivalent about his work now because he wanted Michael to hear it first and not the recording company necessarily but Michael was no more to hear it. Nile said Michael George was a genius as he always created and produced his work himself.

Nile is to be the subject of documentary series of BCC Music which is a three-part series that would feature the career of Chic guitarist and the story behind the hit record.