Now that rachel lindsay is the one handing out roses as the next "Bachelorette" everyone is trying to find out information about her past. It turns out that Rachel was actually almost engaged before and no it wasn't to Nick Viall of "The Bachelor" even though everyone knows she makes it pretty far on his season of the show.

The story behind Rachel's almost engagement

A source spoke out to In Touch Weekly sharing that Rachel was in a very serious relationship in the past. The source explained that Rachel was actually almost engaged at one point, but it never actually happened.

She was with her last boyfriend for four years, but then they tried doing the long distance thing, and that caused problems for them. It is very possible that Rachel could have to do that with the guy she picks on "The Bachelorette." Her friend really does feel like Rachel is doing the show for the right reasons.

The friend shared details about Rachel Lindsay saying, "Her friends are getting engaged and married right now and she wants that too. She’s hoping becoming the Bachelorette will open her dating pool and expose her to guys she normally would never meet.”

Another thing that the insider shared is that Rachel Lindsay isn't picky about race either. She has dated white guys and black guys in the past.

All that will matter to her is if it is the right person. She should start filming her season of the show very soon, and the fans can't wait to hear if Rachel finds love.

As of right now, Rachel Lindsay is still on "The Bachelor" 2017 with Nick Viall. Obviously, it has been spoiled that they don't end up together since they announced that she is "The Bachelorette" before she was ever sent home.

Nick is down to just four girls, so you viewers will have to watch to see how it all plays out in the end.

Are you shocked to hear that Rachel Lindsay was almost engaged before? Do you think that she will find love as "The Bachelorette" 2017? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Nick Viall as "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC.