According to reports from a source close to “Pokemon Go,” Niantic has released new interesting changes in the game, one of which is a new update of the Pokémon of the second generation. According to this source, Niantic has added about one hundred new monsters in the game. However, it is rumored that these will be enabled in the coming months. However, to date, the only update appears to be the (Baby Pokémon), launched on December 12, 2017. The last event of “Pokemon Go,” has revolutionized the world, invading the streets of players, who have been excited with the new items and creatures launched by Niantic, with the main focus on new eggs with Gen 2 Pokémon inside.

Next, we will share with you the latest news about the new updates coming to the game.

What is coming in the way?

Niantic is interested in keeping and attracting more users to “Pokemon Go,” so the company has planned a series of updates and new changes in the game. According to a source close to Niantic, in this same month, Niantic will debut new monsters. However, players have already begun to make their own predictions and speculations, and there are those who claim that the next round of Pokemon will come in groups with new events. The source who posted this information has said that Niantic is preparing the launch of new events and updates to “Pokemon Go,” adding 6 to 10 Pokemon at a time.

This would not be bad because if so, players will always be waiting to know what will happen, which would keep expectations very high on the part of users. In this way, players at the time of completing their Poke-desk, would not have to stop and wait for a long time for the next update. Recently, new information was filtered, which reveals the arrival of new Legendary Pokemon in the game.

As far as we know, these creatures will arrive later. Next, we share with you, everything related to this new information.

Incubators can be used for one time

The Pokémon Go Holiday event is coming to an end, which means there are no more single-use incubators provided for the Pokestops. According to this, players will not be able to hatch eggs at the fastest speed.

Legendary Pokémon are on their way

Finally, it has leaked information that new (Legendary Pokémon) are being added to the game, however, the date on which Niantic would enable these prized creatures is unknown.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.