Alright, so recently, the folks over at TV Line, delivered up some new, spoilery info for an episode that's going to take place during this back half of the current season 6 of ABC's hit fantasy/drama show, "Once Upon A Time." It was part of their occasional spoiler chat sessions they do where they answer fan questions. One of their writers, Matt Webb Mitovich, was the one answering the questions for this session.

They're going to do it in a song

Matt didn't specify which episode this spoiler is going to take place in, so we don't have that intel for you.

However, the content of this episode, sounds quite interesting as they reveal that it's actually going to be a special musical episode! That's right. They're going to show us one of these episodes where everyone just sings what they have on their minds. If all that weren't enough, Matt went on to reveal that we're going to see a big face-off singing battle between the Evil Queen played by Lana Parrilla and the Charmings at some point.

Archie aka Jiminy Cricket is back

Hopefully, we'll get intel on when this episode will take place in the next, couple of weeks if not sooner. There was no other intel, as of yet, that he revealed about this, so other than that , we're in the dark. However, he did answer another question for the upcoming second half of this season.

Someone asked him if Archie aka Jiminy Cricket would be returning, and Matt answered with a resounding "yes." So, you guys can definitely expect to see Archie return for some action. Unfortunately, no other details about what he'll be doing back on the scene, were revealed. All we know ,right now, is that he'll be back.

As previously reported, ABC recently served up the official synopsis for episode 11, revealing that Gideon is going to attempt to have a big confrontation with Emma at some point, and we'll see David and Hook, race against the clock in an effort to make sure that doesn't happen.

Emma is also going to tap into a new power that allows her to change her fate. So, it sounds like they'll be returning with quite a bang from their long break. Be sure to tune in this Sunday night, March 5th, 2017, because that's when it's all going down. Stay tuned.