Kailyn Lowry may have three baby daddies, but she isn't currently dating any of them -- even the one who fathered the child she is expecting this summer. For the past several days, fans have been wondering who fathered the "Teen Mom 2" star's 3rd child and while the answer to that question has not yet been revealed, Lowry has confirmed that she is not in a relationship at the moment.

On February 27, when a fan asked Lowry if she was dating someone, the reality star wrote, "No I'm not." Right away, many fans were caught off guard and didn't understand why she would willingly bring a baby into an already broken home.

Kailyn Lowry didn't want more kids when she was married

As many fans have pointed out in the days since Lowry's pregnancy was confirmed, the reality star's marriage to Javi Marroquin came to an end last year and one of the leading factors in their split was Marroquin's desire to have more children. According to Lowry, she wasn't on board with the plan and preferred to instead focus on her career. Months later, she suddenly changed her mind and became pregnant with another man's baby.

In her blog post confirming the news of her pregnancy, Lowry told fans that she didn't want to bring another child into a unhealthy marriage. Now, however, she's bringing a baby into a non-existent marriage and fans want to know why.

"As a serious question, what is the difference having a baby in a failing marriage or having a baby when there is no relationship?" one fan asked on Twitter.

Kailyn Lowry is already mom to two boys

During her appearance on "16 & Pregnant," Lowry welcomed her first child, son Isaac, now 7, with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. Year later, after marrying Javi Marroquin in a court house ceremony in 2012, Lowry welcomed her second son, Lincoln, now 3.

As for the gender of her third child, Lowry said she doesn't want to find out the gender until the child's summer birth.

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