According to tweets appearing on Fadi Fawaz’s Twitter account, there are a series of claims that British pop star George Michael died as a result of suicide on Christmas morning. Several tweets claim the former half of pop group Wham tried numerous attempts to end his life over the years. One reads that the only thing the “Careless Whisper” singer wanted to do was die and he finally managed to do so. Another post read that the celebrity hairstylist hated the year 2016 from the bottom of his heart. It is not clear if Fawaz’s account had been hacked, but the posts have since been deleted and the account closed.

Since George Michael’s death, shocking photos of his weight gain surfaced along with reports of him being distraught over losing the singing voice which made him into a superstar. After contracting pneumonia in 2011, Michael lost 20 percent capacity of his lungs, reducing his ability to belt out songs. One source close to the singer said for a man of Michael’s caliber to lose his voice is like losing their inner soul. The sourced added that things got so dark and difficult for his friend until he tipped over a psychological edge, using drugs and alcohol to cope.

The ghosts and demons of Christmas past

Once viewed as an absolute heart throb, George Michael became somewhat of a recluse who gained a considerable amount of weight.

The extra pounds were probably due to steroids and other medications used for his lung problems. One insider said the losses of his mom Lesley to cancer, his former partner Anselmo Feleppa to HIV, and his voice may have been too hard to overcome. It has also emerged that Michael spent some time during that latter part of 2016 at The Kusnacht Practice, an exclusive Switzerland rehabilitation clinic.

Another star plucked from the galaxy

George Michael was found dead on Christmas day at age 53 and was last seen staring out the window of his home. So far, officials have come forward to say autopsy results were inconclusive but further tests are planned. His death is still under investigation with suicide by intentional drug overdose not being ruled out.